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Lengha also pronounced lehanga is a popular and authentic Indian traditional garment. It is also known by the name of ghagra choli or chaniya choli. Off all the ethnic Indian women attires, the most eye-catching one is the lengha choli. The Ghagra is a long umbrella cut flared garment. The choli or blouse comes in various lengths and shapes.

The choli or blouse is a tightly fitted piece of clothing around the waist. It could be short, or long, or extended below the waist in a loose blouse trend. It can also be in the kurti style with mirror work and a backless tie-up string trend.

The Chunni ( dupatta) acts a covering for the head and body and is a sign of humble shyness for the wearer.

The home of the Lengha - choli is Kutch, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The outfit is popular in the west and north of India. The outfit is traditionally worn by the women folk in the rural parts of Indian states like Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Tailored clothing is very common in India so most of the outfits have to be usually custom made to fit. Lehanga or lengha or Ghagra choli is one of the most beautiful Indian trends. Women and young girls these days prefer a contemporary look. Some women do not mind being more pretentious and are going for the 'mix and match look'. The hottest trends in today's Indian fashion are short cholis (blouse) with ghagras with intricate embroidery. Ghagra cholis come in different shades and colors. Double color shaded ghagra cholis and bright color lengha cholis are quite common and women love to go for these attires making them look perfect and more graceful. Ghagra cholis are quite popular among at the times of festivals, marriages and other formal occasions.


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